Network service assurance: deliver consistent and reliable performance for all users and devices

network service assurance

deliver consistent and reliable performance
for all users and devices

Network Service Assurance

The Challenge

Delivering consistent and reliable network service assurance relies on obtaining accurate information from the network, particularly from the perspective of the user.

With smart connected device penetration continuing to grow and users adopting an increasingly diverse range of applications, it's important for network operators to include an accurate view of user experience in their service assurance solutions.

Without such data, network operators cannot provide service assurance guarantees beyond their network boundary.

This can significantly impact network service assurance targets, increase the time taken to resolve individual subscriber issues, and lead to unnecessary costs.

The Solution

By installing GoS 360° on client devices, such as mobile handsets, broadband dongles and CPE gateways, network operations teams can view data on application performance and bandwidth problems from smart connected devices.

This means that network operators can deploy end-to-end service assurance solutions and benefit from the anonymous data collected to provide a better experience from all users.

GoS 360° agents deliver the information required to manage customer experience, solve issues quickly and efficiently, saving time and money and increasing customer satisfaction benchmarks.

Read the complete Network Service Assurance Use Case...Download


  • Access to real-time and historic visibility of traffic
  • The ability to remotely identify and resolve root-causes of customer issues in the RAN or LAN
  • Measure actual link and per application performance and throughput, not network estimates across multiple access technologies (e.g. WiFi, 2G, 3G and LTE)
  • Correlated and aggregate views of network coverage
  • The ability to shorten customer support call duration and reduce costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction, reducing churn
  • Reduced costs through efficient network optimisation and managementOffer dynamic network selection for different applications and traffic types


  • Mobile broadband performance
  • Mobile user quality of experience management
  • Application specific management and support
  • Business services
  • Fixed line broadband services such as IPTV
  • Measurement of streaming video user experience
  • Gaming

What the experts say...

  • "when compared to the other devices and configurations in the trial, the device with GoS agent installed under test conditions exhibited 69% less processing in the RAN."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

  • "the device with only the GoS Agent installed made 50% fewer transitions between the RRC states during the trial period. It is the presence of the GoS Agent that reduces these state transitions."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

  • "the device equipped with GoS Agent spent 60% less time in higher power states and 25% more time in idle mode."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

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