solve the problem of chatty apps to reduce RAN congestions and avoid failure

chatty applications

solve the problem of chatty apps to reduce
RAN congestion and avoid failure

Chatty Applications

The Challenge

The huge growth in the adoption of smartphones has been accompanied by a similar upsurge in the proliferation of applications.

However, many of these applications are not optimised for the mobile environment and are set to send frequent updates to servers in the network, even when the application is in the background.

The activity of chatty applications generates considerable traffic and leads to strain and congestion in the RAN. In extreme cases, the level of activity can even lead to network collapse.

The Solution

The solution is to use the GoS Agent to extend PCEF functionality to mobile devices and manage signalling traffic from chatty applications.

By deploying the GoS Agent, a lightweight mobile client in smartphone devices, to detect traffic from chatty applications traffic, network based policy solutions such as the PCRF can be given the visibility to enable them to manage such background activity.

GoS Networks' GoS 360° solution for Chatty Applications has been deployed in volume, saving a major tier 1 mobile operator up to $45 Million in deferred RAN expenditure.

Read the complete Chatty Applications Use Case...Download


  • Complements other battery saving techniques such as fast dormancy
  • Assures the best possible user experience
  • Saves money, not just networks
  • Suppress and avert signalling storms
  • Provide a framework for additional use cases and benefits


  • Managing signalling load from chatty applications
  • Managing RAN overhead and congestion
  • Optimising foreground applications
  • Ensuring the best user experience

What the experts say...

  • "when compared to the other devices and configurations in the trial, the device with GoS agent installed under test conditions exhibited 69% less processing in the RAN."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

  • "the device with only the GoS Agent installed made 50% fewer transitions between the RRC states during the trial period. It is the presence of the GoS Agent that reduces these state transitions."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

  • "the device equipped with GoS Agent spent 60% less time in higher power states and 25% more time in idle mode."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

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