Products: real-time visibility and control for enhanced customer experience

real-time visibility and control
for enhanced customer experience

GoS 360°Enabling End-to-End Policy Control Architecture

GoS 360° is composed of two elements GoS Agent and GoS Manager and enables a complete, end-to-end policy control architecture to be realised.

GoS Agent contains our unique "Guarantee of Service" (GoS™) software. This powerful tool controls loss and delay simultaneously to deliver multiple real-time classes of service with predictable, differentiated quality. Together with the other modules, the GoS Agent ensures optimal, dynamic QoS configurations to maximise link bandwidth utilisation and application performance.

GoS Agent ensures that available bandwidth to the user is utilised efficiently and to the maximum capacity. It provides the visibility and control necessary to ensure that multiple parallel real-time applications can attain optimum performance.

GoS Manager supports 2-way communication with GoS Agents deployed across the different client devices. Acting as a centralised service level manager, it collects statistics and manages hundreds of thousands of GoS Agent devices. It provides detailed statistical reporting and allows dynamic reconfiguration of GoS Agents through an OSS/ BSS/ PCRF interface.

GoS Manager is a complete software solution that is deployed in industry standard COTS service platforms.

A Flexible, scalable architecture that integrates with PCRF and OSS Solutions

The GoS 360° solution is highly scalable and easily configured via a centralised interface or remotely over user web portals. It provides an OSS/ BSS/ PCRF interface for easy integration into network policy frameworks, enabling connectivity to PCRF via the Rx interface.

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What the experts say...

  • "when compared to the other devices and configurations in the trial, the device with GoS agent installed under test conditions exhibited 69% less processing in the RAN."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

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  • "the device with only the GoS Agent installed made 50% fewer transitions between the RRC states during the trial period. It is the presence of the GoS Agent that reduces these state transitions."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

  • "the device equipped with GoS Agent spent 60% less time in higher power states and 25% more time in idle mode."

    Independent Test Results – carried out by Ingenia Telecom

    Get the full Test Report

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  • analysys masonAnalysys Mason includes GoS Networks in Policy Innovators.
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