LATAM App Analytics

The Challenge

Are you an Ad Agency, a DSP, an Android application development house, or a mobile device research project in South America, Latin America or Australia? How do you understand in detail which Android Apps consumers are looking at and how long they are using them for - by device type, country or region?

How do you get access to the largest set of crowdsourced Android device usage data available for the LATAM region? How do you drill into that data to discover the most current consumer usage patterns - per country, per mobile-carrier?

How do you understand what apps are trending - top N apps (activations), top N apps (eyeballs time)?

How can you be sure EVERY application on the devices is taken into account, rather than just the most popular ones?

How can this data be summarised into easily understandable categories, and presented in a user-friendly way?

How do you identify application trends over time?

The Solution

The GoS 360° LATAM App Analytics solution collects anonymised usage data from a curated network of high, medium and low-end devices in the LATAM region.

The GoS 360° LATAM App Analytics solution enables anonymised usage statistics to be sent between client devices and a cloud-based server on a periodic basis, allowing usage patterns to be identified.

The GoS 360° LATAM App Analytics solution has a data repository of 5.5 million Android devices mainly in the LATAM region, which frequently report their most recent usage to a cloud-based server, where all the data is crunched to identify what's popular and what isn't.

You can also do the number crunching yourself if you prefer. Up-to-date raw usage data and/or the summarised usage data are available to be purchased.

Download a free sample report for LATAM Android Apps .... Download

Free Download - a package containing sample usage statistics sample file for a Brazilian Mobile Operator from 22/01/2017, plus explanatory document Download

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