about GoS Networks: enabling operators to improve customer acquisition, retention and profitability

about GoS Networks

enabling operators to improve customer
acquisition, retention and profitability

Our Vision – Policy for Smart Connected Devices

GoS Networks takes policy to smart connected devices and across the RAN via a unique software solution, GoS 360°. By extending policy to the user's device, GoS 360° allows operators to monetize their existing network investment, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, and enhance the User's Experience.

GoS 360° software can be embedded in smart connected devices such as Smartphones and Tablets and integrated with network Policy solutions. This allows Policy Control and Monitoring on the user's device.

GoS 360° has been proven to significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX in tier one deployments, leading to CAPEX savings in excess of $45 million and improving user experience through the application of intelligent policy management for service monitoring, control and network protection. As an extensible use case delivery platform, GoS 360° provides a future-proof investment supporting a wide range of applications.

Our patented technology, Guarantee of Service, or GoS, is a revolutionary approach to Service Quality Assurance. It enables service providers to see traffic as the user experiences it and enforce policies and shape traffic at the real edge of the network, the client device. GoS can monitor, measure and enforce QoE and QoS across any device, delivering a more effective solution than any other technique available today.

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GoS Networks is a company registered in Ireland. The registration number is 445828 and the VAT number is IE9666090W.

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