about GoS Networks: enabling operators to improve customer acquisition, retention and profitability

about GoS Networks

enabling operators to improve customer
acquisition, retention and profitability

GoS Networks' Management Team

John Power - Chief Executive Officer

John Power's portrait

John was the founder and Managing Director of J6 Technology prior to joining GoS Networks.

John was Engineering Manager of Ericsson Access Systems in Ireland for several years. Prior to that, John was responsible for setting up high-tech Engineering teams in Ireland for foreign multinationals. John has 20 years experience in senior roles in the Telecommunications Industry and has a B.Sc. and B.E. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College Cork.

Charles Twist - Chief Technology Officer

Charles Twist's portrait

Charles has over 20 years experience in developing communications and signalling systems. Prior to joining GoS Networks he co-founded Jtec Pty Limited in Australia where the legacy signalling and call switching technology acquired by GoS Networks and now used in the Fusion 1000 and other products was originally developed. He then spent 2 years as Engineering Manager with Ericsson developing their range of ATM switches and Multi Service Gateways before becoming a consultant to LongReach Networks. Charles has a Masters Degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University.

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